1. Which name of Allah means “The Source of Peace “?
      1. Al Mutakabbir
      2. Al Muhaymin
      3. Al Malik
      4. As Salam
    2. What does Lailatil Qadr mean?
      1. the Night of Halloween
      2. the Night of Power
      3. New Year’s Eve
      4. None of the above
    3. Which Sura is named after an uncle of Prophet Mohammed sww?
      1. Al Fateha
      2. Al Zilzal
      3. Al Lahab
      4. Al Humaza
    4. Why is Lailatul Qadr (the night of power) so special?
      1. because Prophet Muhammed sww   declared his prophethood
      2. because you become Superman!!
      3. Because the Quran was revealed to Prophet Muhammed sww
      4. all the above
    5. Where was Sura Asr revealed?
      1. Madina
      2. Kufa
      3. Shaam
      4. Mecca
    6. The Night of Power is better than
      1. 10 months
      2. 100 months
      3. 1000 months
      4. 1 month
    7. In Sura Asr which kind of people will Not be at a loss? Those who
      1. believe and do good deeds
      2. advice each other to truth,
      3. have patience
      4. all the above
    8. When Abu Lahab was warned about hell what did he think?
      1. he thought he could run away
      2. he thought he could hide
      3. he thought he could use his wealth and buy his way out
      4. none of the above
    9. How did Abu Lahab behave with Prophet Muhammad sww?
      1. He was very caring and loved Prophet Mohammed
      2. He didn’t like the Prophet but didn’t do anything to harm him.
      3. He would throw stones at our Prophet,call him rude names and tell people to not believe anything that the Prophet said .
      4. none of the above
    10. What does Allah swt’s name Al Ghaffar mean?
      1. the Victorious
      2. the All Powerful
      3. the All Seeing
      4. the Forgiver
    11. Which name of Allah sww means the Giver of Faith?
      1. Al Bari
      2. Ar Rahman
      3. Al Jabbar
      4. Al Mu’min
    12. What should you do on the night of Power?
      1. Watch movies with lots of popcorns!!
      2. Sleep all night
      3. Do Ibadat and good deeds to get lots of Jannat candy
      4. all the above
    13. Who come down to earth on the Night of Power?
      1. Birds
      2. Dinosaurs
      3. Angels and the Spirit
      4. none of the above
    14. What does wal Asr mean?
      1. by the Sun
      2. by the moon
      3. By Time
      4. by the Earth
    15. Which name of Allah swt means The Pure One
      1. Al Malik
      2. al Aziz
      3. Al Jabbar
      4. Al Quddoos
    16. What did Abu Lahab’s wife do to our Prophet sww ?
      1. She spread lies about our Prophet sww
      2. She tried to make everyone hate our Prophet sww
      3. she would put thorns in the path of our Prophet
      4. all the above
    17. What does Al Khaliq mean?
      1. The Destroyer
      2. The Creator
      3. the All Hearer
      4. none of the above
    18. What is Abu Lahab’s wife going to carry?
      1. her handbag
      2. a sack of bricks
      3. a sack of potatoes
      4. Firewood
    19. Which name of Allah means the Victorious?
      1. Ar Rahman
      2. Al Mutakkabir
      3. Al Aziz
      4. none of the above
    20. What number is the Sura Al Qadr in the Quran?
      1. 1
      2. 970
      3. 97
      4. 9
    21. Which best describes the sound of this letter? ز
      1. B sound, like in boy
      2. R sound, like in rice
      3. Z  sound, like in zebra
      4. A sound, like in Apple
    22. Which best describes the sound of this letter with Fat-ha بَ
      1. Ba
      2. Be
      3. Bo
    23. Which best describes the sound of this letter? ث
      1. (th) sound, like in thirsty
      2. B sound, like in boy
      3. Z sound, like in zebra
      4. S sound, like in sister
    24. Which best describes the sound of this letter with Dhama? سُ
      1. Sa
      2. See
      3. So
    25. Which best describes the sound of this letter with Kasra? جِ
      1. Ja
      2. Je
      3. Jo
    26. Which best describes the sound of this letter? ذ
      1. K sound, like in kind
      2. The pronunciation of the article (the)
      3. A sound, like in apple
      4. B sound, like in boy


  1. Which Prophet had the perfect Akhlaq and was sent to the muslims as a role model ?
    1. Prophet Adam(as)
    2. Prophet Muhammad(pbuh)
    3. Prophet Dawud(as)
  2. We must eat food that is
    1. Oily,
    2. Spicy,
    3. Halal
  3. Which dua should we always remember to recite before starting our lesson.
    1. Allahumma bismika amuutu wa ahyaa
    2. Bismillah .Rabbi Zidni Ilma
    3. All of the above
  4. Muslims say this when their loved ones are travelling
    1. Safe travels
    2. Have a wonderful journey
    3. Fi Amanillah
  5. Sleeping on the right side is,
    1. Mustahab
    2. Makruh
    3. Magnificent.
  6. We say this islamic phrase when we hear someone sneeze
    1. Jazakallah
    2. Alhamdulillah
    3. Yarhamukallah
  7. Sleeping at the time of  Maghrib and between Fajr and sunrise  is
    1. Highly recommended
    2. Makruh
    3. Haram
  8. The best Muslims are those who help others solely to please
    1. their friends,
    2. their parents,
    3. Allah (sw)
  9. Our Imams (a) used to go out in the darkness of the night to distribute
    1. Gems
    2. Food
    3. Oysters
  10.  We should drink water slowly in
    1. 2 sips
    2. 3 sips
    3. 5 sips.
  11. Ali saw a bad dream and woke up frightened .His mom asked him to read
    1. Auzubillah,
    2. Hurrah
    3. Twinkle twinkle little star.
  12. We say this Islamic phrase when speaking about our future plans.
    1. Mashallah,
    2. Astaghfirullah
    3. Inshallah
  13. Islam places a lot of emphasis on
    1. Helping Others,
    2. Volunteering in the community ,
    3. Helping with food banks,
    4. All of the above
  14. When drinking water, we should always remember the tragedy of
    1. Imam Hussain,(as)
    2. Imam Hassan (as)
    3. Imam Ali  (as)
  15. When drinking water at night,
    1. one should sit and drink
    2. Stand and drink
    3. All of the above.
  16. If we eat ḥarām food, it will have negative effects on our
    1. Face
    2. Feet
    3. Soul.
  17. Allah made sleep fo us to rest and _____________ after a hard day’s work.
    1. become tired,
    2. become sleepy
    3. re-energise after a hard days
  18. Amina woke up to pray at Fajr. After her prayers she looked outside her window, The eastern sky was streaked with brilliant red and golden orange hues._______________________, How amazing! she said.
    1. Bismillah,
    2. Astaghfirullah,
    3. Subhanallah.
  19. Fatima packed her school bag,and went outside the door saying asalam u lakuim! and her parents replied
    1. Mashallah
    2. Subnahallah
    3. Wa alaykum as salam
  20. Recite the Dua before going to bed at night.



  1. What day of the Islamic calendar week is an Eid Day
    1. Thanksgiving
    2. Christmas Day
    3. Jumma
    4. Monday
  2. What is another name for “Eid of Sacrifice”
    1. Eidul Fitr
    2. Sunday
    3. Christmas
    4. Eid al-Hajj or Eid ul-Adha
  3. What is the eid after the holy month of Ramadan
    1. Eidul Fitr
    2. Sunday
    3. Christmas
    4. Eid al-Hajj or Eid ul-Adha
  4. What did the Prophet declare on Eid-al-Ghadeer
    1. There are going to be 12 Imams
    2. Imam Ali would be his successor (and a leader for the Muslims)
    3. Sweets should be consumed on Eid-ul-Fitr
  5. Who were the people who went with the Prophet for Mubahila
  6. Nme five blessings that Allah has given you
  7. How can we show our love for Allah, name three ways
  8. What are Usul al-Din
  9. What does tawheed means
  10. What does Adalah mean
  11. What is the meaning of Niyyah
  12. Niyyah should be “Qurbatan ilAllah”. What is the meaning of “Qurbatan ilAllah”
  13. What are Asma-ul-Husna
  14. What does Al-Qadir mean?
  15. What is the meaning of Al-Bari
  16. What does Al-Ghaffar mean
  17. How many Prophets did Allah sent to guide us
  18. Why did Allah send Prophets
  19. Who are 12 Imams
  20. Who is the Imam of our time
  21. What is the day of Qiyamah